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Pet Sounds

To celebrate its 50th anniversary release, Pet Sounds needed a

re-design that truly embraced its vibrant spirit.

Pet Sounds (1 of 5) copy 2_edited.jpg
Pet Sounds vinyl (1 of 1)-2_edited.jpg

The jacket cover is a transparent-to-cyan gradient, while the vinyl fades from yellow to magenta. Because of these overlapping gradients, a unique spectrum of color is formed each time the record is put in its jacket.

The back of the sleeve features a track list in a classic sans-serif, reflective of the popular typefaces used for album covers in the 1950s.

Pet Sounds vinyl (1 of 1)-2_edited.jpg
Posters Update 3 (1 of 1) copy_edited.jpg

The anniversary tour poster features an array of multi-colored rings, with each ring representing a different song from the album. 

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